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SBT-TEC is company founded in 2001 and has many works inside and outside Egypt in the fields of hardware, software and media production. In its management, the company relies on young cadres to complete all its work at a high level of efficiency, which makes us one of the most programming companies closest to the client and one of the most interactive with the business management market The company is also always interested in everything new in the field of programming and technology, and this always helps us to reach a satisfactory result for all customers. Our company aims to contribute to helping as many institutions as possible to do their work faster and more accurately, in a way that keeps pace with the development of the economy We always promise our customers to achieve the best and strongest results Since technology is the language of the current and future era.....

Our Services

Our services SBT enjoys providing its services in a distinctive and different way, and always seeks to develop and reach the best results



SBT offers all kinds of personal computers and laptops, the latest types of surveillance cameras, cashier and scanner devices, all direct sales point requirements, and the handling of exchanges and returns according to the company's policy, and all original spare parts are available with warranty



SBT provides all software services from Mobile Application, Desktop Application and Web Application IRP system design and website design with modern touches to reach the best shape with all the services the labor market needs


Media Production

SBT has a team working at the highest level in the field of e-marketing and content industry, where we believe that Social media and social networking sites have now become the ideal direction for shopping and displaying your products faster and better, whether it is a service, a commodity or an idea.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Featured by SBT In their designs in terms of accuracy, quality and innovation Flexibility in dealing with customers in reaching the desired result quickly and achieving in all its services from Distinctive logo and personal cards, banners, banners, graphic and anime images, graphic and motion videos

Web Development

Mobile Application

Desktop Application

ERP System

Graphic Design


Our Clients

our clients SBT is always proud of its customers As long as you consider them an essential part of success and reaching the top, based on the mutual trust between us before and during the service, and follow-up updates after the service, we thank them always and forever and strive to satisfy their tastes and meet their requirements

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